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Straight out of Michigan State The Phenominal G LO BARZZ

Born Angelo Auguilera: Straight out of Michigan State The Phenomenal rapper G LO BARZZ displays incredible flow with an aggressive delivery that matches the energy of every track. One of his biggest hits is a tune titled sauce which is a SLAM! He's got hooks all day with fire beats to vibe or dance to. Even though this hip hop artist is below the mainstream radar, many of his followers can agree that G low definitely got bars. if one disagrees it maybe due to the fact that people these days are too stuck on popularity over quality. After listening to his catalog you'll quickly realize how true this artist is to his craft. I'ts only right to encourage artists like G LOW BARZZ FOR reaching out to djs and connecting with music fans in a saturated culture while keeping a positive attitude despite the frustrations that come with being an artist. There is no doubt that this artist has what it takes to perform on the big stages next to the current acts out now. His songs talk about reality, his experiences in life and brushing haters off his shoulder while keeping you entertained with the creative flow. This artist is hungry and anyone who doesn't see it, is mistaken. At this point, It is safe to say that not all artists that can rap are good song writers. G Low Barzz is definitely holding it down for the writers in the hip hop cypher. After listening to the song press play and "Check Me", You'll understand why G- Lo Barzz is on point with keeping doubters in check. and is not to be slept on or ridiculed. The confidence can be heard in his tone and if you think he's being too flamboyant, it's justified. The reason for that is because although conscious with the nature and state of the business. He doesn't let the obstacles slow him down . G Lo Barzz gives the listener motivation from his own experiences showing OPTIMISM and PERSEVERANCE. Michigan should definitely be proud of this artist to represent for the state based on his drive for success and conscious effort to help restore faith for those who feel like giving up. His music is an inspiration to others that are struggling and a discouragement to his rivals. Part of what makes a dope HIP HOP artist is the ability to still create what fans expect despite tough circumstances without losing their sense of purpose. G Lo Barzz has more potential than some can see .

When you feel like you need some energy , remember G LO'S MUSIC IS BETTER THAN A RED BULL. AND THAT'S NO BULL.


S. Michaels #itunesdigital

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