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Lori Nebo - R&B or Neo Soul it's up to you...

A VETERAN songstress in the WITH LOTS OF LOVE TO SHARE AND DOESN'T HOLD BACK WHEN SINGING HER HEART OUT TO THE WORLD. FROM HUMANITARIAN INSPIRED RECORDS, PARTY JAMS, LOVE SONGS & RNB. Lori Nebo has been dominating the indie radio charts . Supported by many such as East Oakland MUSIC Management , fellow artists,

fans, djs & producers that embrace her mature sound which heavily caters to the grown and sexy. The song Summertime is a track that leaves you feeling like you already know it.

while giving off a nostalgic feel that goes well with the content of the record. Lori shows off her rich, clear voice with every word sung. It’s a tune you can’t help but vibe to instantly. Neo Soul with a touch of R&B style production that you'd hear from true-skool producers. The calm and chill vibes emphasize how well Lori is able to use her vocals to bring out the emotions of the song. you naturally begin going through your own memories when listening to Lori Nebo’s timeless Summertime. This artist has also been very supportive of her peers in the music scene and always gives off a positive vibe ! Lori Nebo definitely would rock any stage with her poise and great energy alone. SHE'S humble spirited and kind as well. One thing for sure is she is a professional and takes pride in her craft. the artist that always reminds us to smile with her vibrant but subtle approach. A UNIQUE SOUL SHARING HER EXPERIENCE THROUGH SOUND AND WE THANK HER FOR THE GOOD VIBES.

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