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From The Logo, a single from New York rapper Sean Conn’s album “Conn and The Genius” released on 12th February 2021, presents a veneer of top-class production, unapologetic lyrics, and success from its visuals to the title. Featuring the modern-day sound like Trap rap but brighter and fresher. The song’s production maintains a more minimalistic style with a lot of hype beats and keen transitions that fit the overall theme and pair well with the rappers below rap-sung vocals.

From The Logo, highlights Sean’s self-assurance where he raps about the real-life music business lifestyles like; “Always keeping it real, never faking,” “making music to get rich,” and how slimy labels are to rappers today. From the streets to the studio, Sean Conn expresses his desire to never return to the LOGO. After listening to this track , you are aware of his versatility and charismatic flow that will have you pressing rewind instantly. Sean AKA CONNERY has been doing his thing for a while and "VIGGA VIBES" is surely on top. This is Great Hip Hop for all ages. Major Salute to Sean Conn and his hit making producers that sonically compliment VIGGA ENTERTAINMENT . Be sure to keep up with him via twitter @SeanConn00 . Look out for his video game also but in the meantime like share subscribe to his youtube Channel. You'll definitely enjoy the vibes.

Video link “From The Logo” :


Hailing from the Queens in New York, Sean Conn is an Emcee known to many as a legend in his own right. Sean started his Hip Hop journey at the age of 15 while he was still in school. He always rushed to his friends Evolved and by the age of 15 Sean began to write rhymes, Sean would rush to his friend’s house after each school day and write rhymes every day hence developing his talent and honing his skills. With only 17years, Sean and a Childhood friend decided to make a demo. This was his introduction into the Hip Hop business as a rapper. Sean Conn started on his Solo Artist Journey with the release of a mixtape that became very popular. He started receiving invites to have meetings with record labels in 2003 including a meeting with J records where they wanted Sean Conn, Tru Mac, Papoose and 2 other rappers to form a group. Sean declined on the group deal but kept his solo options open. In 2005 Sean Conn Recorded an LP titled (THE ONE) and only made 100 copies which he gave out to a few fans for the love of hip hop. The LP is now a Rare Classic.

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