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One of Rock's best new artist: Sinikka Monte

June's Artist of the month for 2021. Sinnika Monte's Slayer is the newest track out and it's absolutely Fire ! Major salute to her production team for always putting their best foot forward. After reviewing her catalog, you'll understand why this artist is gaining so much momentum and fans that truly rock with her tunes.

You'll definitely want to Check out the hit song titled "Infared". Just like the previous single Play Pretend , The song Infared shares an up tempo rhythm and catchy melodies that keeps the listener. Her vocals compliment both tracks, making her songs out to be fun while touching on sentimental topics . You clearly can that tell she loves what she does as a determined artist and it's not just a temporary fad. Sinikka's music gives off the free spirited vibe accommodated by well orchestrated instrumentals that simply Rock. Without question, The Pop/Rock influenced singer is far from the average teenage solo artists that you see flooding the timelines on your internet social sites. You will quickly realize after listening to her music that passion is definitely a driving force behind the delivery of this incredible vocalist/songwriter. Currently in her early 20's This artist has a long road ahead of her and it is inevitable that Sinikka Monte will continue to elevate through consistency as her craft continues to be embraced and supported by her fans and fellow artist community such as Etunes UK among other supportive platforms who are appreciated by the artist of topic and vice versa. Sinikka Monte makes a good effort to stay connected with her followers by engaging with them on her social media platforms and keeping them up to date with her creative projects. Be sure to check out her most recent material and visit her personal website to learn more .

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