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That song I feel opened up the airwaves for me as a upcoming artist and made people take me serious and listen. Later own that song gained a lot of radio play in Las Vegas with the help of Tyrone Gibson who’s brother is superstar Tyrese Gibson. Later on it gained a overseas fan base with the help of Danny Lopez radio host and broadcaster. In the same year I dropped another song called No Filter which dropped In August of 2020 and another major success to my career as a Indy artist. No filter gained a even bigger platform which word started to get around who is this unknown artist from Mississippi by the name of SelfMade. Around this time No Filter began to be up on Time Square Billboard in New York City alone with a big interview and performance in Knoxville,Tn with host Kelvin Fox. SelfMade name was still unknown as a nobody but grew more and more with a grew comeback with No Filter being on Pandora . No Filter also hit #19 and top 40 etunes Uk charts with the help of great promoters a team and etc. Considering himself SelfMade it was right being called Caderra Wallace Self Made it just didn’t seem right so before Project Kidd the new EP was released in December he came up with another name which was SelfMade Est which a lot of people and fans felt it was more catchy and sounded better for the artist. Project Kidd was a great song many felt was a brilliant idea of Self Made Est which was not only a great song but it was my first professional video As of January of 2021 Project Kidd hit Time Square Billboard in New York, Ny. As of today as I artist success has or will not be a destination for SelfMade Est but to work harder stay dedicated and make more music and continue to thank his Fans venture out on all platforms and stay dedicated. There you have it SelfMade Est Shelby,Ms own SelfMade Est.. SelfMade Est “Project Kidd”

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