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Team Gig @teamgignyc

Straight out of Brooklyn New York is the magnificent Team Gig, one of the hottest Hip Hop groups in music today. They are young, fresh and energetic with great passion for music and the culture . Wrek Vito and crew member DC Nov keep you entertained with witty lines while Frank Lou The Boss applies pressure with his energetic flow like the new hit "Faith" available on youtube. The group is led by RnB stizz , a multi talented emcee with great skills when it comes to picking out tracks, rapping and serenating the ladies in the crowd at his live shows. The group is slowly taking the world by storm as they consistently drop hit after hit for the past 3 and half years. In my opinion Team Gig is actually one of the hardest working Hip Hop acts on the market. Although they are still under the radar in a saturated market, The Gigs definitely on the verge of a major breakthrough. You can hear them killin it on joints like Old Love, Glitching, and Live it up feat. Tek of Smif N Wessun . Look out for this sensational group on Spotify, amazon, Power Culture Mixtapes, The Drip Mixtape by Power Culture Djs on Audiomack. Stay tuned....

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